Paper Presentation


The authors of the accepted papers have three options to present their work:

Oral Presentation

The conference agenda also includes several sessions for oral presentation. Each session will be moderated by an expert in the domain. Each presentation will last for 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation + 5 minutes for a “question and answers sequence”). A computer with Microsoft Powerpoint and a video projector will be made available to all speakers.

Poster presentation

During the conference there will be interactive poster sessions when the authors can discuss their findings in small groups and answer the attendees’ questions. During the specified time period, the authors are expected to be near their posters.

Poster size: 70 cm x 100 cm, portrait. The poster should be readable from about 2-3 meters distance.

Poster contents (Possible structure)

  • Title: [Maximum length: 1-2 lines.
  • Introduction: [Maximum length: approximately 200 words.]
  • Materials and methods: [Maximum length: approximately 200 words.]
  • Results: [Maximum length: approximately 800 words.]
  • Conclusions: [Maximum length: approximately 200 words.]
  • References: [Maximum length: approximately 10 entries.]
  • Acknowledgments: [Maximum length: approximately 40 words.]
  • Further information: [Maximum length: approximately 20 words.]

Virtual presentations

(only for authors from abroad)

The virtual presentations will be available via Skype, only for authors from abroad which, for objective reasons, cannot attend the conference in person. The conference fees will be the same for virtual interventions as well as for other types of presentations. The submission process is the same as well as the paper template.
The option for virtual presentation should be made at the same time with the paper submission.
The authors eligible for virtual presentations will receive detailed information before the conference.