Invited Speakers

Dan Potolea
Bucharest University, Romania

He is engaged in curriculum theory and methodology, national curriculum development policies, design and evaluation of social and educational programs, measurement and evaluation of educational and academic results, teaching and evaluation of educational staff, higher education development and innovation.

Prof. PhD Dan Potolea contributed in: 17 volumes – treaties, encyclopedias and other works, as author, coordinator or co-author; 13 studies in various foreign languages periodicals under UNESCO, European Council, ENTEP tutelage; manager or expert in 15 various R&D projects; participated to 45 national and international conferences; member in the scientific committees of various periodicals, manager of the Studia Doctoralia program.

He obtained: the National Award of the Ministry of Education for Personalitatea Copilului (Child Personality), 1983 (collaboration); Romanian Academy Awards for: Țiganii între ignorare și îngrijorare (Romales between ignoration and worry), 1994 (collaboration), Științele Educație. Dicționar Enciclopedic (Educational Sciences, Encyclopedic Dictionary), 2010 (coordination with E. Noveanu); the Romanian Presidency „Meritul pentru învățământ” (Education Merit) Order, grand officer degree, 2004.

He occupied the following positions: Dean (1992-2008), Manager of the PhD School for Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest; President of the Social Sciences Committee – CNEEA, permanent member of ARACIS committees (up to 2016); President of the Special Committee for  Continuous Education of Educational Staff, Ministry of Education; President of Psychology, Educational Sciences and Physical Education Committee, (2012-2016).

Inés Maria Gómez-Chacón
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Inés Maria Gómez-Chacón is a Professor of Mathematics Education in the Faculty of Mathematics at Madrid Complutense University, and director of the research department Miguel de Guzmán since 2007. She is engaged in investigative developments in Advanced Mathematical thinking; Relationship between knowledge and affectivity; Technology-Enhanced Learning in Mathematics Visualization; and Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers.

During the last 10 years, she has been Visiting Research Professor in various universities and research centers in 8 countries. She has given courses and seminars on teacher training and research at several universities in Europe, America and Asia, providing as well scientific advice and educational updating.

Also, she collaborates with the Spanish Department of Education and Science (MECD) and in regional Councils for Education with courses on scientific and educational upgrading. She has participated with multi-disciplinary teacher team work in creating materials and developing methodologies for implementing a multidisciplinary project-based approach for STEM subjects. Some of these collaborative activities were carried out with leading companies in the technology sector.

She has several publications: 21 books, either as sole author or editor, 15 book chapters, 30 articles in international journals of research with high impact, 31 conference papers.

Attila Szabo
Stockholm University, Sweden

Attila Szabo is the Research and Development Coordinator for Mathematics Education at the Stockholm Education Administration and associate lecturer at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education at Stockholm University. He is also member of the Swedish Institute for Educational Research Board.

He is the author of a series of mathematics textbooks for secondary school and also of web-based interactive resources in mathematics. His research is focusing mathematical abilities of high-achieving students and the role of the mathematical memory in problem solving.

His talk for the conference will be focused on “The pleasure of learning”.