Call for Reviewers


Dear colleague,

We appreciate your interest in the Teachers for the EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY CHALLENGES - TEACHERS FOR THE KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY – 4th EDITION Conference (EPC-TKS 2017). Therefore we ask you to carefully think of the opportunity to become one of the reviewers of the full papers. We believe that your participation in the review process is a new step in your academic development, as well as an occasion to share knowledge and understanding.

If you decide on being considered a reviewer for submitted papers at the conference, please complete the form posted at the following link:

and then click on the "Submit" button.
(Note: The Form will not SUBMIT unless all required fields are completed properly)

Please find below a brief description of the review policy:

  • The papers will be double-blind reviewed by the reviewers selected by the conference committee.
  • The criteria for acceptance are the following:
    • for the empirical papers: a statement of the focus of the paper, an indication of the theoretical framework for the study, an indication of and justification for the methodology used, and some sample data and results.
    • for the theoretical / philosophical papers: a statement of the focus or theme of the paper, an indication of the theoretical or philosophical framework within which the focus or theme of the paper is developed, a clearly articulated statement of the author's position about the focus or theme, and implications.
  • The reviewers have to fill in the forms that are downloadable from the conference site:
  • Reviewers are expected:
    • To provide a scholarly appraisal of each paper, but to agree not to limit acceptance to those papers that are in line with the research paradigms or ideologies they believe in.
    • For each paper, to state specific reasons for their recommendation of acceptance or rejection, which are informative to both the Scientific Committee and the authors.
  • Reviewers should be alert to the possibility that the paper was presented elsewhere.
  • Reviewers should be respectful and clear in their reviews of all proposals. Authors are to be provided with constructive comments, particularly about the shortcomings of their proposals.